Foreman Team Teaching

Foreman Team Teaching

Date 03/10/19 - 03/12/19

Time 9:00 am - 11:30 am

Venue PAVE TECH Distribution & Training Center

Address 8626 Hollander Dr, Franksville, WI 53126, USA


Instructor-Led Topics:

  • Teaching Techniques & Tips
  • Elevations
  • Layout
  • Excavation
  • Sub-grade Compaction
  • Geo-textile Fabrics & Root Barrier
  • Base Construction & Compaction
  • Grading
  • Edge Restraints
  • Sand Screeding
  • Laying Pavers
  • Marking & Cutting
  • Compacting & Setting Pavers

Courses Include:

  • Exceptional hands-on hardscape training by a skilled instructor
  • Framed Certificate, plus class and individual picture
  • A continental breakfast every morning that includes: freshly brewed Starbucks coffee, an assortment of flavored teas, bakery-fresh kringle, muffins and donuts, toasted bagels and cream cheese, a variety of fresh fruit and various juices to choose from
  • A hot, catered lunch which offers a variety of meats, salads, vegetables and desserts, a large variety of sodas, bottled water, and freshly brewed Starbucks coffee
  • Door prizes and school apparel
  • 1 Group Dinner and Refreshments